La guida completa per un soggiorno perfetto a Procida

The complete guide for a perfect stay in Procida

On this page you will find all the essential information to explore the island of Procida. We will focus on a variety of topics, answering the most frequently asked questions we receive. After consulting this guide, you will have all the knowledge you need to make the most of every moment of your stay in Procida.



As a first step, we strongly recommend you download the official app of the island of Procida. Its name is PROCIDA ISLAND and it is available HERE .

This app is simple and intuitive, giving you immediate access to tons of useful information. Once you download it, you'll find yourself thinking, 'Wow, that's cool!'

Trust us, it's worth it!



Procida, being an island, is only accessible by sea. Here are some tips to best plan your arrival:

Preliminary considerations:

  • Price : Generally, the ferry is less expensive than the hydrofoil. Leaving from the port of Pozzuoli can be cheaper than Naples.
  • Reservation : During the summer, seats on board can fill up quickly. We recommend booking your ticket online in advance to guarantee a seat.

On the island's official App you will find all the updated timetables, useful for organizing your itinerary.

Shipping Options:

Ship (Ferry) :

  • Speed : This is the slowest solution but can carry both passengers and cars.
  • Comfort : It is ideal for those who suffer from seasickness, as the waves are less noticeable.
  • Ports of departure : Naples (Calata di Massa port), Pozzuoli, Ischia, Sorrento and Monte di Procida (the latter only during the summer)

Hydrofoil :

  • Speed : It is the fastest solution and only carries passengers.
  • Comfort : You can hear the waves of the sea more, ideal for those looking for fast transport.
  • Ports of Departure : Naples (Molo Beverello), Pozzuoli, Ischia, Sorrento (available only in summer).


The island of Procida, with its only 4 square km, is an easily explored jewel. However, to limit traffic and preserve the tranquility of the island, the Municipality of Procida imposes a ban on disembarking cars and motorbikes for non-residents, valid from the end of March to September. During these months, hourly traffic restrictions are also introduced across the island. So, if you were thinking of bringing your vehicle to Procida, unfortunately, this will not be possible.

For updated information on the 2024 regulations, you can click here

Despite its small size, Procida is characterized by many slopes which can make walking challenging at times. Fortunately, there are various rental options available at the port, including bicycles and scooters. Opting to rent can give you the freedom to explore even the most remote corners of the island with greater ease, ensuring you have an optimal travel experience.



With the victory of the title of "Italian Capital of Culture 2022", Procida has seen a notable increase in accommodation options, thus responding to the growing demand of visitors. The island offers a variety of solutions for all tastes and budgets, including:

  • Hotels : Properties ranging from affordable luxury to boutique hotels.
  • B&B (Bed and Breakfast) : Perfect for those looking for a more intimate and personal experience.
  • Holiday homes : Ideal for families or groups who want more privacy and space.
  • Campsites : The best option for those who love nature and want to save money.

While it is common to search for accommodations on portals such as Airbnb, Booking, Expedia and TripAdvisor, considering dealing directly with the property can be advantageous. OTA portals often charge a 15-20% commission, so dealing directly could mean a significant saving. However, it is important to note that direct booking may not offer the same guarantees as a portal .

Stay with us at Anima Suite


For a truly unique experience, consider staying at Anima Suite . In few places in Procida you will be able to enjoy such a complete spa for EXCLUSIVE USE.

By booking directly from our site, not only will you save 20% compared to the prices offered on external platforms, but we will also offer you the same guarantees of security and quality as the large booking portals. Click HERE to find out more and book your stay.




Procida is charming in every season, with each offering something unique. Here is a detailed overview to help you decide the best time for your visit:

Low Season: from November to February

These months are the coldest and quietest on the island. Many businesses remain closed and the atmosphere is very calm, dictated by the rhythms of the schools and local businesses which remain open all year round. After 8pm, the streets become particularly deserted. It is the ideal period for those who want a romantic getaway in a serene and isolated environment. Anima Suite offers a perfect retreat with its spa area, where you can relax after exploring the island.

Spring: March - April

With the arrival of spring, Procida is transformed, especially during the famous Good Friday Procession, an international event that attracts visitors from all over the world. This tradition is renowned for its "mysteries", artistic floats that depict scenes from the life of Jesus, creating a unique and evocative atmosphere. In the days leading up to the procession, visitors have the unique opportunity to explore Terra Murata, where islanders set up the "mysteries" in small construction sites open to the public.

The spring season offers not only milder temperatures but also advantageous discounts on overnight stays. Take this opportunity to explore the island in your own private vehicle before the disembarkation ban for non-resident vehicles comes into force, usually towards the end of March.

Best Months: May, June, September, October

These months offer an ideal climate, warm in the morning and cool in the evening, with less tourism than the central summer months. Most seasonal businesses are open, and you can enjoy the island with all the services available, easily finding a seat in the restaurants and benefiting from less busy roads. These months are perfect for those who like to enjoy the beaches and the island when there is less crowding.

High Season: July - August

July and August are the hottest and busiest months, with temperatures that can exceed 40 degrees. Tourism reaches its peak, making it difficult to find a place in restaurants and accommodation facilities without an advance reservation. The beaches and streets are full of people, and the island is teeming with life. If you prefer an energetic experience and don't mind crowds, these are the ideal months for you.

What to see in Procida

Discover the Corricella

Procida is an island full of wonders, but a place that you absolutely cannot miss is Corricella, the ancient fishing village. This picturesque location seems to come straight out of a colorful nativity scene and often appears among the first images when you search for "Procida" on Google.

Breathtaking View from Terra Murata

For the best views of the Corricella, we recommend climbing up to the cannons of Terra Murata. From here, you can take spectacular photos that capture the vibrant essence of the village, with its colorful houses overlooking the sea.

Experience the Corricella

Walking through the alleys of Corricella is a unique experience. Many visitors say that "it feels like you're not in Procida", the atmosphere is so magical. Here, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to dining: from fresh seafood to traditional cuisine, from gourmet cuisine to pizza and meat. Some of the best-known restaurants include La Lampara, Il Pescatore, Il Caracalè, Il Gorgonia, Da Maria, Graziella, Il Maestrale, La locanda del postino, Il Fuego, and Bufalino. We recommend booking in advance to secure a spot at these popular venues.

For more information on each of these restaurants, consult the official Procida app. Here you will find all the references you need to best plan your gastronomic visit.

Tour of the island from sea to Procida

Exploring Procida from the sea is an unmissable experience that offers a unique perspective on the beauty of the island. Local businesses offer tours that allow you to savor the natural magnificence of Procida, including:

  • Seabed : Discover the underwater world full of life and colours.
  • Unique Coves : Cruise through charming coves accessible only by sea.
  • Breathtaking views : Enjoy views that can only be fully appreciated from the sea.
  • Photography : Bring your camera with you to capture spectacular scenes of Procida.

Don't miss the opportunity to see Procida from the sea; only in this way will you be able to fully understand its extraordinary beauty and its peculiarities. A boat tour reveals the island to you in 360 degrees, showing you angles and details that are invisible from the mainland.


Explore the Historic Center and Terra Murata in Procida

Historic Center The beating heart of Procida begins in the historic center, a fascinating area that exemplifies the union between ancient architecture and the innovations of the new millennium. Starting from the port and going up the streets of San Leonardo, you reach the lively Piazza dei Martiri. This area, despite being a restricted traffic zone, is always crowded with people attracted by the shopping opportunities, eager to buy a souvenir or immortalize the picturesque corners of the place.

Casale Vascello: A Historical Gem

One of the hidden jewels along this route is Casale Vascello. Located in a privileged position, this historic building represents one of the most emblematic structures of Procida. Casale Vascello dates back to the 17th century and has served various purposes over the centuries, including a noble residence and administrative headquarters. Today, it is known for its impressive architecture and the charm it continues to exude, attracting visitors from all over the world.

A visit to Casale Vascello offers a dive into the history of Procida, allowing you to appreciate the architecture and lifestyles of the past. Its location, nestled among the narrow streets of the historic center, adds an additional level of enchantment to the tour of the neighborhood, making it a must for any visitor to the island.

Terra Murata: the highest point of Procida Continuing the journey upwards you arrive at Terra Murata, the oldest and highest point on the island, where history is felt in every stone. Here stands the imposing structure of the old Procida prison, a maximum security building abandoned in the 1980s. Today, the prison has been transformed into a visitable site, with private tours offering a full immersion in its fascinating history.

A Tour of History and Culture A walk in Terra Murata is an experience rich in history, culture and reflection. Being the highest point on the island, it also offers breathtaking panoramic views. The tour can continue with a visit to the Abbey of San Michele and the only museum on the island, further enriching your understanding of Procida's rich cultural heritage.


The Islet of Vivara: A Natural Treasure in Procida

The islet of Vivara, a natural wonder of Procida, is connected to the main island via a picturesque bridge. This nature reserve is a biodiversity sanctuary, accessible exclusively through guided tours that ensure a respectful and informative experience.

A Protected Nature Reserve

Vivara has preserved its wild beauty thanks to decades of protection, during which nature has been able to flourish without interruption. The island is a nature lover's paradise, offering pristine landscapes and a rich variety of flora and fauna.

A Journey into History

In addition to its extraordinary biodiversity, Vivara preserves traces of ancient civilisations, making it a site of great interest also for history and archeology enthusiasts. Walking on Vivara is not only an opportunity to immerse yourself in nature, but also to travel back in time, exploring the vestiges of past cultures.

Activities and Explorations

For those who love trekking and outdoor walks, Vivara offers routes immersed in breathtaking views. Organized tours allow you to discover the secrets of the island in a safe and environmentally friendly way.


Churches of Procida: Explore the Rich Cultural Heritage

Procida, despite its extension of only 4 square km, is home to a notable number of churches, each rich in history and culture. The presence of six active churches on the island testifies to the importance of the local religious and cultural heritage.

A Tour of the Churches in the Historic Center

Four of these churches are located in the heart of the historic center of Procida, making them easily accessible for those wishing to explore the island even in just one day. These churches are not only places of worship, but also custodians of art and history, offering visitors a unique window into Procida's past.

Each church has something unique to offer, from sacred artwork to architecturally significant interiors, reflecting the island's different historical periods. A visit to these churches allows you to appreciate not only the spirituality of the place, but also its historical and cultural evolution.



Activities for an Unforgettable Stay

If you were looking for a destination with wild nightlife and music all night, you might be disappointed, because Procida is the emblem of tranquility. This island is the perfect refuge for those looking to get away from the daily hustle and bustle, a place to disconnect from the work routine and immerse yourself in a serene environment.

Outdoor activities

Procida offers a wide range of activities to make the most of its splendid natural resources, especially during the summer months:

  • Island Tours : Take part in tours on private boats to explore the coasts of Procida and discover hidden corners.
  • Boat Rental : You can rent dinghies, sailing boats or boats to navigate the crystal clear waters surrounding the island.
  • Water Sports : Try kayaking, or the innovative bike rental on the water for a unique and invigorating experience.
  • Cycling : Explore the island in total freedom by renting electric bikes or scooters, ideal for discovering even the most hidden spots of Procida.
  • Diving : Take part in guided tours of the seabed to admire the underwater biodiversity of the island.
  • Fishing Tourism : Engage in fishing excursions, an authentic way to connect with local tradition and enjoy the sea.
  • Private Tours : Discover the secrets of Procida with a private taxi tour, perfect for those who want a guided but personalized tour.

Relax and Wellbeing

For those seeking moments of pure relaxation, Procida offers unique opportunities such as a stay at Anima Suite , where you can enjoy a private spa for exclusive and regenerating relaxation.




Procida offers a wide range of seaside experiences to suit all tastes, thanks to its variety of beaches and water activities. On the island you can find sandy beaches perfect for relaxing in the sun, rocky coves ideal for snorkelling lovers and cliffs that invite spectacular dives into the crystalline blue of the sea.

For those looking for a more exclusive bathing experience, Procida also offers the possibility of renting boats, with or without a driver, to explore the surrounding waters in total freedom. Furthermore, for those who want additional comfort, private facilities with swimming pool are available which guarantee unparalleled relaxation.

Due to its geographical location, the island is exposed to all winds, meaning that even on days of strong winds, while one side of the island may be rough, the other will remain calm and quiet, always offering a safe haven to enjoy the sea.


Authentic flavors and freshness of the sea

If you're planning a visit, here's a guide to the flavors you can't miss, from incredible fresh fish to delicious local lemons.

1. Fresh Fish at the Port

The port of Procida is the beating heart of the island's maritime activity and a point of reference for fish lovers. Here you will find fishmongers offering freshly caught fish, available for direct purchase. You can choose to cook it at home or enjoy it in nearby restaurants, where local chefs will be able to enhance its freshness in simple but delicious dishes.

2. Procida Lemon: A Specialty Not to Be Missed

Procida lemons are a real delight: large, juicy and aromatic, they are a specialty of the island. They are used in a variety of ways in local cuisine, from making refreshing lemonades to creating dishes like lemon salad, a side dish that combines thin slices of lemon with fresh mint, garlic and olive oil. Don't forget to also try the lemon-based desserts, such as the famous lemon tart from Procida.

3. Typical Fish-based Dishes

Procida offers a variety of fish-based dishes that reflect the richness of the surrounding waters. From 'Seafood Linguine' to 'Grilled Octopus', each recipe is a tribute to the island's maritime culinary tradition. Visit one of the many restaurants overlooking the sea for an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

4. Ox Tongue: Typical Delight of Procida

Don't let the name fool you! Ox tongue is the typical dessert of Procida, famous for its exquisite goodness. These delicious desserts are made with light puff pastry and are available with various fillings: classic custard, aromatic lemon or rich chocolate. Each dessert is then delicately covered in a smooth icing and dusted with sugar, making it irresistible. Ox tongues are a true specialty of the island, perfect for enriching any moment of the day with a sweet break.

Procida cuisine is an authentic expression of the island itself: fresh, colorful and deeply rooted in local traditions. Whether you prefer to enjoy your meal overlooking the sea or relax with a picnic on the beach, the flavors of Procida will make your visit a memorable experience.










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