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Bathroom area

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Small but with many comforts and services. A large touch mirror with zoom. A powerful hair dryer. A large sink where you will find all the welcome kit and first aid kit.

Kitchen area

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Masonry and marble kitchen. Sink, two burners and all the basic utensils to be able to cook most dishes. Large marble counter that can also be used for smart working.

Bed area

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Comfortable PERMAFLEX bed and a 43' Smart TV to immediately feel at home. Many light points customizable in intensity and color. Very large mirror facing the bed.

Sauna and shower

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In a few meters a small SPA center for exclusive use. All in crystal and precious wood. Sauna on one side, Turkish Bath and Emotional Shower on the other. All branded Jacuzzi, the highest quality in the wellness sector.

Bath area

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This area was designed to offer maximum relaxation for both a couple and a group. A 7-seater mini pool with many different hydromassage jets. A large and very comfortable pillow with a huge mirror in front. 50' smart TV and comfortable poolside niche for storing objects. Jacuzzi swimming pool, the highest quality in the wellness sector.