Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions


To allow for complete understanding and acceptance of these terms and conditions, the following terms, in singular and plural, will have the meaning indicated below:

 Holder: Anima Suite, by Francesco de Sanctis with registered office in via Lavadera 40 Procida (NA) 80079, VAT number 10181651216 / Fiscal Code DSNFNC93D12E396O, email address: animasuite@gmail.com
 Application: the Web site www.animasuite.com
User/customer: any person who accesses and uses the Application
Conditions: this contract which governs the relationships between the Owner and the Users.

This Regulation represents the list of the General Contract Conditions. It regulates and contains the conditions governing the agreement between customers and the owner. We protect the interests of users by guaranteeing them the structure booked under the agreed conditions. The booking of the property made by the Customer and the related access to the rented property implies for all legal purposes the acceptance of these general rental conditions. The Customer, ordering payment for the reservation, will be held responsible for the rental.


1. RESPONSIBILITY By confirming the booking, the Customer accepts the content of the rules of use and in particular declares to be aware of the existence of the sauna, Turkish bath and hydromassage tub, to know how to check their functioning and not to have any pathology that could negatively affect his health and that of those accompanying him by assuming all responsibility and indemnifying the manager and the owner from any related civil and criminal liability.

2. RENTAL PRICE: The price is expressed in Euros per night. It can vary between 150 and 600 Euros depending on promotions and seasonality. The listed services and accessories are included in the price, while any extra consumption is to be paid on site.

3. RESERVATIONS AND METHODS The reservation is considered valid after payment has been made. Subsequently, the Customer will receive a confirmation receipt and a clickable link where he will find "the guest guide" in the email entered during the booking phase. Through the guest guide you will be able to view all the information valid for your stay.

4. RIGHT OF ASSIGNMENT TO THIRD PARTIES The booking confirmation is nominative, without prejudice to the Customer's right to transfer the reservation to third parties with the prior authorization of Anima Suite.

5. CANCELLATIONS AND RESERVATION MODIFICATIONS In the event that for any reason the Customer should cancel the reservation, he must communicate it under the following conditions and it will be valid from the day it was received by Anima Suite; specifically: a) from the booking date to 8 days before the start of the rental, the cost of the penalty will be calculated at 50% of the total amount of the rental fee. b) From 7 days before the rental, the cost of the penalty will be 100% of the rental fee. All cancellations and modifications must be confirmed by email in writing by the customer to the email address: animasuite@gmail.com. In the event of cancellations made by Anima Suite for reasons of force majeure, a similar alternative solution will be proposed among other properties where available or a full refund of the amount paid. In the event that for any reason the Customer needs to change the booking dates, an available date is searched for on the available calendar and if the chosen date shows an increased price the customer will have to pay the price difference, the rule does not apply to a lowest price date.

6. NUMBER OF PEOPLE A number of people exceeding the beds indicated on the booking without authorization from Anima Suite is cause for termination with consequent loss of the sum paid as a penalty. In this regard, the Customer who holds the booking is solely responsible for the declarations made.

7. DELIVERY AND RELEASE OF THE PROPERTY Arrival times are expected from 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm, unless otherwise agreed; Short delays will be tolerated if reported in time. The return of the property must take place no later than 11:00 am on the scheduled day of departure, unless otherwise agreed.

8. ARRIVAL OF THE CUSTOMER Upon arrival, the Customer is required to present an identity document for himself and for those accompanying him for the overnight stay. Law 96/2017 establishes this obligation. The guest will be welcomed by the owner/person in charge of the property who will welcome him, give him the keys to the house and show him the services and areas reserved for him. If on the scheduled day of arrival the Customer has a delay in the reception time that is not attributable to him, he must notify by email or through the guest guide. It is forbidden to stay in the accommodation in a greater number of people than the agreed maximum number, this entails the termination of the contract pursuant to clause n.7.

9. REFUSAL OR REMOVAL OF THE CUSTOMER Access to the property may be denied or the Customer may be asked to immediately leave in the following cases: 1. Lack of documents and/or lack of photo of the identification document; 2. In the event of a replacement or increase in the number of people; 3. If during your stay you behave in a way that is contrary to the fundamental rules of civil education or you suspect that there are ongoing activities that are contrary to the law in force on the matter, public order or decency; 4. Use of the house for purposes other than holidays.

10. COMPLAINTS All descriptions of the property available on www.animasuite.com are true and written in good faith. All possible faults must be reported by the Customer to the owner/person in charge of the property, who will take care to ensure that they are repaired as quickly as possible. The structure is delivered to the customer in perfect working order in every aspect and must be returned in the exact same way. The customer is obliged to pay for any damage caused to the structure attributable to his stay and undertakes to reach an agreement with the owner/person in charge for the reimbursement within the following 7 days. Phrases such as "it was already like this" will not be accepted unless specifically verified during check-in. Any complaint reported at the end of the stay or after departure will not be taken into consideration. For any complaint, the Customer must contact, via the contact details available, the managers of Anima Suite who will work promptly to resolve any problem through the owner/person in charge. Complaints forwarded after departure and not previously reported in writing will not be accepted in any way. In the event of a complaint, the Customer undertakes to give the owner/person in charge the time necessary to resolve any problem. Anima Suite nor the person in charge are in any way responsible for any thefts solely because they occurred within the rented accommodation.


• Please avoid loud music and loud noises between midnight and 8am, particularly in the condominium space, respecting the neighbourhood;
• Before using the spa area, ABSOLUTELY read the information on its uses in the house and on the website;
• Remember to keep the dehumidifier on when you are not at home to guarantee the best air quality and avoid condensation;
• To guarantee maximum acoustic privacy, close all windows but don't forget to reopen them to encourage oxygen exchange;
• Remember to turn off the sauna and/or Turkish bath after use;
• Remember to turn off the air conditioner when you leave the property;
• Animals are not allowed in the structure;
• In case of loss of house keys there is a penalty of €50;

12. PRIVACY INFORMATION Legislative Decree 196/03 Anima suite undertakes to process personal data in accordance with the regulations in force in the Italian state.