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What are the benefits?

The Hammam ritual helps to create a state of well-being, reducing the harmful effects of daily stress; it is pleasant and beneficial at any time of the year. It also stimulates the renewal of the water present inside the body, keeps the airways free, causes vasodilation and consequently better nourishment of the skin.

Where is it?

It is located inside the shower cubicle and you can activate it via the black touch screen. There are 3 functions available.


NOTE: Wait more than 1 minute after choosing the desired program. In this time the system begins to prepare and generate the steam of the requested program. Sit back and relax.


This program, characterized by an average steam saturation and a temperature of approximately 38°C, can be considered the first step towards the real humid steam bath. The low temperature helps the body begin to warm up and the skin pores to open.

NB Wait a few minutes, without pressing any other button, for the steam to start coming out of the vents


Normally associated with massages, the hammam represents
a moment of relaxation and true well-being. The vapor saturation is high, while the temperature is around 42 °C.

NB Wait a few minutes, without pressing any other button, for the steam to start coming out of the vents


It is the program with the highest temperature (around 46
°C) and the vapor saturation is close to 100%. Sweating is intense, thus promoting the natural detoxification of the body.

NB Wait a few minutes, without pressing any other button, for the steam to start coming out of the vents


By confirming the reservation, the guest accepts the
content of the rules of use and in particular declares to be a
knowledge of the existence of the sauna and the hydromassage tub, to know
check the functioning and that you do not have any pathology that could affect it
negatively on the health and of those who accompany him by taking on every
responsibility and indemnifying the manager and the owner from any related liability.

Whether you want to shake off the daily dreariness with a sauna or you want to relax by immersing yourself in the warm steam of a hammam, there are many possibilities on offer. The sequential use of the various programs, perhaps combined with suggestive music, represents a unique well-being experience and an incentive to dedicate more and more time to taking care of yourself.

Examples of wellness programs


  • Start with the program characterized by the lowest temperature and then "go up" until you experience the effects of the higher temperatures.

In the sauna, then select the biosauna program and then move on to the Roman sauna and then to the Finnish one.

In the hammam, select the tepidarium program instead and then move on to the hammam and then to the calidarium .


  • Start with a hammam session (max 30min)

  • Stay in the shower and use the nebulized jets at a moderately cold temperature (even the hand shower can serve the purpose); then do a rest session for about 10-15min.

  • Now, enter the sauna and select the "biosauna" program (10-15min)

  • Get into the shower again and use the shower head with a moderate jet and a fairly cold temperature (the hand shower can also serve the purpose); then rest for about 20 minutes.

  • If you wish, take another sauna at a higher temperature (for example, the Finnish sauna, 10-12min max)

  • An energetic lash with the shower head or waterfall (moderately cold water) and a final rest session in complete tranquility before resuming contact with daily normality