Hi, my name is Francesco and I am the beating heart behind Anima Suite, the place where dreams of well-being and luxury come true on the enchanting island of Procida.

I want to share with you the genesis of this exclusive retreat, born from a deep desire to create an experience like no other.

A Journey Started by a Dream

The seed of Anima Suite was planted on a special night in April 2018, an unforgettable gift from my dear friend Fabrizio.

That night, spent in a room magically lit by candles and enriched by a hydromassage tub, lit a spark in me that has never gone out.

It showed me the power of a truly transformative experience, pushing me to search all over Italy for structures that could emulate that feeling, but discovering that something was always missing from each structure.

The Vision of Anima Suite

I didn't just want to create housing; my goal was to create the perfect place where every detail was thought of for the guest with the focus on:


The journey to realize this dream gained momentum in 2021, as I fully explored the world of short-term rentals, learning and growing from the success of a family home transformed into a welcoming oasis for travelers.

From Cellars to Paradise

When at the end of 2022 my friend Riccardo presented me with a space that everyone saw as limited, I saw the future of Anima Suite.

In what was considered just a collection of cellars, I imagined a place of beauty and well-being, capable of uniting people in search of serenity, whether they were couples looking for a love nest, or friends or families eager to share the joy of life together.

The Invitation of Anima Suite

Today, Anima Suite is more than just a structure;

It's an experience just waiting to be lived. A corner of paradise where time stands still, allowing you to savor every moment. It is the result of years of dreams, travel and meetings; a place that invites you to share, to explore, to finally feel at home.